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the back-end

Do you dream of starting a career in HR?

Or maybe you’re wondering if it’s the right path for you?

Maybe you want to raise your game, having worked a few years in HR?

Perhaps you want to ditch your job in business in favour of HR?

Maybe you want to specialize?

Can’t make up your mind just yet?

I will help you!

That’s why I’m here – for you; a future HR specialist, business partner, leader and manager. With the help of my experience we shall create your unique career.

Who am I?

Practicing HR professional, Inspirer and Creator

Working with people since 1998.

Though over two decades have passed since, I can perfectly recall the start of my career; how I began my higher education studies in the field of Management (GWSH, University of Economics in Krakow), the dilemmas of choosing the topic of my master's thesis (job evaluation), one of the first postgraduate studies in Personnel Management (AGH in Krakow), volunteering for internships in human resources departments back when people had still used typewriters and ... looking for a permanent job.

impaktonUse my many years of experience in all possible areas of HR

Administration and personnel service

Employment planning and budgeting

Employee acquisition

Adaptation and integration of employees

Pay and non-pay incentive

Shaping remuneration

Employee development and training

Employee rating

Improvement and optimization of HR processes

Control and audit of HR precesses

Personal marketing and employer image-building

Burnout managment

Shift managment

Crisis managment

Business diversification

What have I achieved?

  • I know the specifics of working in all business positions: clerk, specialist, senior, managerial and leadership positions.
  • I have created and founded my own company; services and consultancy concerning communication, HR and PR.
  • I run my own recruitment agency; target headhunting for specialist and managerial positions.
  • I have developed my own registered trademark: for solutions related to wellbeing which I intend to soon introduce into my HR processes.
Why am I doing this?

I like to share my knowledge and experience

The needs of other people, related their self-fulfillment in their profession of choice, are my inspiration for acting and learning. Over my development I have faced office politics, hostility, difficulties and lack of understanding more than once. Often, I have had the opportunity to celebrate success, participate in professional changes, create non-standard solutions, or participate in the joy of others who benefited from what I do. I know what I'm saying, I know what I'm doing. Choose what you need and act!

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